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  1. 10 years of off-road drivers' experience
  2. We know offroad paths of Azerbaijan as the back of our hands!
  3. Interesting and exciting routes
  4. A variety of routes for various themes and level
  5. Specialized and comfortable cars 4Х4
  6. For each route there is an ‘extreme’ highlight
  7. Flexible pricing policy

Jeep tours around the Gobustan reserve and mud volcanoes

Jeep tours on specialized off-road vehicles in the Gobustan reserve. Visiting the Kichik Dash nature reserve, the reserve and the museum of the Boyuk dash, the Ginhirdag, the mud volcanoes of Dashgil, climbing the mud volcano-mountain Kyanizadag (397 m). Jeep tour options for the whole day and half a day.


All tours of the JEEP TOURS AZERBAIJAN company are carefully worked out and are absolutely safe. Our tours are suitable for any age.

Jeep tour "Tengi Ridge"

One of the most fascinating jeep tours along the Tengi range of the Great Caucasus along the route BAKU - GALAALTY - AFURDZHA - GUBA - BAKU. Historical monuments, beautiful landscapes of the great Caucasus, the highest waterfall in Azerbaijan – and this list doesn’t include all of the interesting and exciting places that await you.


This jeep tour starts from the active mud volcanoes of Gobustan and goes deep into the Gobustan plateau. Expect an average level of offroad for rough terrain with a unique landscape. You will get acquainted with the sleeping dragon, which is frozen in the stone and you will see the Azerbaijan mountain Rushmore. You will have a unique opportunity to climb the "Table Mountain" and survey around from a height of 200 m.

For agencies

If you are an agency and want to offer your client an unusual exclusive experience - then we can definitely help you! For agencies, we have developed special price packages. Contact us for more details about your tour.


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